As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, European sports are also incredibly popular and encompass a wide range of sports played at both professional and amateur levels. The following information provides an overview of major European sports and the types of sports commonly bet on in the region:

Major European sports and leagues:

  1. Football (Soccer): Football is the most popular sport in Europe, with a rich tradition and numerous prestigious leagues and tournaments. Some of the prominent football leagues include:
  • English Premier League (England)
  • La Liga (Spain)
  • Serie A (Italy)
  • Bundesliga (Germany)
  • Ligue 1 (France)
  • Eredivisie (Netherlands)
  • Primeira Liga (Portugal)
  • Scottish Premiership (Scotland)
  • and many more.
  1. Rugby: Rugby is also a significant sport in Europe, with two main variants:
  • Rugby Union: Countries like England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, and others compete in international tournaments like the Six Nations and the Rugby World Cup.
  • Rugby League: Prominent in countries like England, France, and Australia, with domestic leagues and international competitions.
  1. Cricket: Cricket is popular in countries like England, Ireland, and some regions in Europe, with domestic leagues and international competitions.
  2. Basketball: Basketball has a growing following in Europe, with various domestic leagues and the EuroLeague being major attractions.
  3. Tennis: Europe hosts several prestigious tennis tournaments, including Grand Slam events like Wimbledon (England), Roland Garros (France), and others.
  4. Formula 1: Motorsport, particularly Formula 1 racing, is popular in Europe, with races held in various countries.
  5. Cycling: Cycling events like the Tour de France are highly regarded and draw significant attention across Europe.
  6. Field Hockey: Field hockey is particularly popular in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

Types of sports that you can bet on in Europe:

Similar to the United States, sports betting regulations in Europe vary from country to country. However, in general, Europeans have access to a wide range of sports betting opportunities, including:

  1. Football (Soccer) betting: Football is the most extensively covered sport in European sports betting markets, offering a plethora of betting options from simple match outcomes to specific player performances and more.
  2. Basketball betting: With the growing popularity of basketball, European sportsbooks also offer various betting options for basketball events.
  3. Tennis betting: Tennis tournaments like Wimbledon and other Grand Slam events attract significant betting interest.
  4. Motorsports betting: Formula 1 and other motorsports events offer opportunities for betting on race outcomes and other related aspects.
  5. Rugby betting: Rugby fans can place bets on international and domestic rugby matches.
  6. Cricket betting: In countries where cricket is popular, such as the UK, cricket betting is available for domestic and international events.
  7. Hockey betting: Field hockey enthusiasts have opportunities to bet on both club and international matches.
  8. Other sports: European sportsbooks may also offer betting options for niche sports and international events.

It’s important to note that betting regulations and available sports may have changed since my last update, so I recommend checking the specific regulations and offerings in the country you are interested in for the most up-to-date information.

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