Some online casino games may be rigged, but we guarantee fair gaming and 100% random results. Our games use RNGs, are not manipulated and are tested by Independent Auditors to ensure accuracy and fair play.

What are RNGs?

RNG’s or Random Number Generators are programs set on all of our casino games, reinforcing the fact that all results remain random. These games are unable to be predicted or manipulated no matter what. In accordance with our licensing agreement, our RNG games are 100% fair and in compliance with industry standards. Our RNG games are tested hundreds of thousands of times to guarantee nothing but fair gambling. The underlying concept of provable fairness is that players have the ability to prove and verify that their results are fair and unmanipulated. This is achieved through the use of a commitment scheme. The commitment scheme is used to ensure that the player has an influence on all results generated. This is simplified in the following representation: fair result = operators input (hashed) + players’ input. We hope to bring an easy, enjoyable, and transparent gaming environment right to your computer or mobile device.

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